Sunday, January 8, 2012

What did sweet Magnolia eat ?

"Magnolia Pretty Bounds (a.k.a. Maggie)"
yes, pretty is her middle name, Brady named her
Our almost 2 yr old pup stinks!
Here I am enjoying "me" time, kids in bed, J is out
 (actually having a meeting with the guys from the band he played in many moons ago-reunion show coming soon)
Anyhoo.. I have my music on, a night-cap next to me, my comfy slippers and cozy blanket and Im
just relaxing and wasting time on pinterest when it hits me...her farts.
She stinks so bad and all she wants to do is curl up at my feet and she keeps letting em rip!
SIGH all I wanted was a little relaxing time to myself and she ruins it.
I worked all weekend so im wondering what she was fed while I was gone?

Not blaming anybody...just thinking....

Actually I am having a difficult time with Maggie-
She chews everything
You see she is a newer member of our family.

We lost our sweet Josephine O. Bounds (a.k.a Josie or Jo Jo) about
a year and a half ago.
 She was great. She was a mutt. She didnt chew anything (not even a bone, seriously)
and we lost her unexpectedly, quickly to a ruptured stomach tumor.
We weren't ready to get a new dog but Brady was and when your child is ready, so are you.
Maggie- she is pretty, she is sweet but she chews everything, she drives me crazy sometimes.
Im just not too attched to her yet and neither is Brady?!
Not sure if its the chewing or if its just missing Jo Jo.
I can't make tonight the night I spend time bonding with her.
She stinks.
J is time is over.
Maggie loungin...


My favorite Pic of Josie

Josie protecting Brady as a newborn (look at my sweet, tiny baby behind Jo Jo)