The Blog

The Blog- Out of Bounds..
Bounds is My last name. It’s also kind of how I am, just a little “out of bounds” in most aspects of my life. I have been wanting to start a blog for a while but chickened out. I guess the new year, new you attitude grabbed ahold of me and here we are-
On this blog you will not find me giving you tutorials on snazzy crafts or recipes I created (unless I found it on another website). You will not get photography lessons from me, chit chat about politics or medical advice (well, maybe some medical advice) but you will probably see a lot of pictures that I took of my kids and I will probably share a story or two about my job. I am a christian so I will share about my journey with God but I will not preach at you. I am really not sure my purpose or focus for this blog except a journal of sorts to document my kids, photos, faith, projects and dreams of life.