Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More on me

Who am I
I am Kate. I am a child of God. I am a wife to J,”Mr. right-now” a “rock star” for almost 10 yrs. I am a mother to Brady (7) and Luke (21 mos)..more on them later.
I am a nurse. A labor and delivery nurse. I Love my job. I am a bit OCD and a bit ADD all at the same time. I love photography. I am obsessed with my camera and it is always with me, although I really know very little about photography. (more on the camera later too). I’d like to say that I am crafty but most of my ideas I borrow from others. I am a little creative but I really just enjoy the craft store and doing DIY with my kiddos...I am usually not the creator of the projects, just the excecutor. I like to cook when there is no pressure on & no deadline to make (i.e. Luke is whining at my feet saying “eat, eat” “please, please” over and over and over). I really like to bake more than cook. I like to write/ journal but I usually don’t use proper grammar, paragraphs or punctuation…it takes too much thought for me….I make dots…dashes- between thoughts. I love diet coke and coffee loaded with foo foo creamer (hey, I am a night nurse- I need caffeine). I love sleep but never get enough of it and I am super crabby when I wake up..no matter what time it is. Sometimes I care too much what others think but I still never get my hair highlighted before my roots are showing. Sometimes I don’t care enough what others think and I can get a bit loud or bossy. I love to sing and dance but am horrible at both. I love children. I love babies and would have a house full (but I am no spring chicken anymore) I love antiques. I love the country and dream of living in a farm house with a kitchen that has a farmhouse sink with an apron front, subway tiles and butcher block counter tops. Sigh.

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