Friday, January 27, 2012

Attack !

For so long we never let Brady play with guns, other "violent" toys or watch violent shows.
 We worried that he couldn't understand rules about guns/ swords, etc
 (we dont have any but its one of those weird things you worry about as a mom...that somehow he will get ahold of a gun and shoot himself or someone accidently or get a machete and chop his toes off)

At one point i guess we decided it was ok.
I think it was when he wanted to play pirates and he got some swords..or he wanted to be a police officer and handcuff us then draw his gun.
Whenever it was...not sure but we let him use toy guns, swords.
He is not a violent kid but he is a boy- he likes to play pirates, and chase his dad around with his nerf dart try and "get him"

Soooo on to our little project that we did today...
Brady was given a GIANT nerf gun with velcro on the ends, its loud and fast-
Perfect for a 7 year old.

see how big it is

We have been sneak attacking each other in the house for the last day or so.
Today we made team shirts for the boys.

Super easy project.
All you need is:
old t shirt(s)
fabric markers
velcro strips
  nerf gun (if you have a one with darts w/o velcro, you can add velcro dots to the end)

Cut Velcro strips to size you would like.                   Write name/phrase/bullseye with fabric markers

 Add velcro strips to shirts front and back.               Get ready to rumble!!!

We made them for Brady and Luke (warrior team) and J. (general team), Eventually i'll make one and be on J's team but we ran out of velcro strips.
They aren't super cute but easy and fun.

As far as letting Luke use toy guns at a young age...its so difficult not to let him when his big bro wants to play with him. We just have to be sure that he doesn't have a machete at his bedside !!


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