Tuesday, January 24, 2012


ever have those moments where you feel like you've failed ?
Nothing major...just UGH...that stank of failure looming
 was all geared up this afternoon to be supermom, wife, etc, etc, etc
AND today was not the day.
i just couldn't pull it off (most days i can't but really WHO can?)

I DID accomplish some things that i wanted to..
organized & cleaned old toys, baby clothes, even washed the infant car seat covers and put it all away nicely with a label-OCD moment- Just in case we have another baby sometime....
played with hurricaine luke,
made 4 mini loaves of banana bread (so J. can feed the littles an easy breakfast and i can sleep longer)
made homeade french vanilla coffee creamer
 (via pinterest- like i said when i started this blog....most ideas are not my own...i steal them.YUM. http://pinterest.com/pin/196328864975321755/)

french van. creamer

mini banana bread loaf


Failure moment
I ruined dinner.
Cheddar Bay Biscuits (like red lobster-YUM again)
Peas (not exciting and i didn't want a labor intensive vegatable dish. im trying to get more veggies into the kids)
Baked Swai Fish (FUN FACT- its a white fleshed fish, with a mild sweet flavor.. native to veitnam and some other places)
Never cooked Swai before, we usually have tilapia, EVERY WEEK!
was trying something new..

didn't work.
didn't set the timer- never really do and this annoys J.
 didn't cook it long enough
 tried to put it back in the oven, didn't work

Kids hungry= microwaved turkey meatballs and slightly burned cheddar bay biscuits, nobody really wanted peas anyway.


I know it's not a big deal and im really not heart broken about it.
Just stinks.
 Many times i enjoy cooking for the fam but a lot of times it's stressful....
we are all picky in this famiy so just the planning is difficult, the littles are hungry, i get distracted (ADD, ADD,ADD) , I feel rushed AND i miss out on time with them-occasionally they help me but  thats not always realistic.

I was going to take a picture but the garbage disposal ate the Baked Swai.