Nurse Notes

I thought I would talk a bit about my job and how I ended up there. You could say I took the road less traveled. I never really did very well in school. I was a social butterfly and I am a visual learner + sitting in a desk all day+ paying attention (ADD,ADD,ADD) + needing to reproduce all of that info on a test=unsuccessful me!
 Soooooo after going to college then coming home after 1.5 years-
waiting tables-
taking classes here and there-
getting a job with an environmental leadership program for high school kids-
taking more classes-
deciding to go into Early Childhood Edu-getting a job in an upscale Early Childhood Center (ohh la la)-deciding to become a wedding planner-
working as bridal consultant (yes its true, I sold wedding dresses)-
going back into Early Childhood-
having a baby and being AMAZED at the entire labor & delivery process *important fact*-
deciding to be a stay at home mom and go to school-2 yr degree earned (after only 10 yrs)-
I FINALLY figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up! A Nurse (but ONLY if I could be a labor & delivery nurse)-
back to school I go (for the hardest thing I have ever done, nursing school)
 Graduation (I even was a speaker at the ceremony- proud moment)
 Got a job-
 took state board exams-
FINALLY I was Kate Bounds RN, labor and Delivery.
Was I at all prepared for what my job had in store for me ? Nope. It’s not just holding babies all day and getting to put that first footprint in the book. It is physically and mentally exhausting. Mom and baby(s) lives are in our hands. It really is one of the most critical (and special) times in a woman’s’ life. I have seen the best of it. I have seen the worst of it and sometimes it haunts me. Would I ever trade my job? Not in a million years.