Saturday, January 21, 2012

Don't miss the boat (reposted)

so I accidently deleted this post that i posted a few days ago- UGH
shouldve been sleeping but I am re-posting (to the best of my ability b/c its a memory from Brady that i want to remember)

                                           J sent me this text the other night at work....

-Brady just told me that his teacher asked how the Grand Canyon was formed.
He raised his hand and said "Noah's Flood"-

This makes me smile.
This makes J and I happy.

Brady is in first grade. He goes to public school.

i am amazed at the seven year old mind, so inquistive, curious and digging for answers..

For Christmas Brady asked for a new bible.
Its fancy with his name engraved on it.

We have been working hard to have more family bible studies.
BUT sometimes with my job it is difficult.
                                    With the beginning of a new year we decided to start fresh.
            We asked B what book he wanted to start with. He chose Genesis, he wanted to start
                                                 at  (in the) beginning...of course.

   We have been discussing with Brady about how sometimes he might hear something different  
                           than what he was taught from us, from sunday school, from the bible...

                                                   But is he listening...when we teach, we guide
  we all want our kids to listen to what we are teaching them, to share, to play nice in the sandbox.

                                                                  i want my boys to share
                                                                            to pray
                                                                                 to follow Him

bible study-not a good photo, i was trying to be sneaky and still listen at the same time.