Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 NOT a new year, new you attitude..

i have not posted in at least 4 months...
did anybody notice????

Did i care?


The thing is, my blog was for me, for my documentation, my family...
Although, i only had a handful of followers, i felt like that is not what it was becoming.
I became worried about getting a post in or uploading pictures or i would wonder "will that make more peeps follow me?"
In the beginning that is not what it WAS supposed to be about.

I am not all computer savy...
or business savy ..I.E. i am not using my blog to make $$$ (that would be great if it could without me putting any effort in but thats not happening)

sooo, although i announced to my 10 followers in August that i was back in the saddle (of blogging) again.

I wasn't
As evidenced by MY LACK OF BLOGGING.

I felt like my kids needed me more.
I felt like my husband needed me more.
I felt like my faith needed me more.
I felt like I needed me more.

SO for 2013.. i am not going to say i have a "new year, a new you" attitude becaue i probably don't.
Eating Right...i do want to do those things but ..blah, blah
Honestly, i am a person who has a million ideas but my ADD filled brain cannot keep up with most of them. I come and go with projects. Hopefully, blogging will prove to be one that will materalize into something.
I love the idea of blogging. I love the diary style of babbling on and on but i am not making any promises (to my 10 followers)..thx to you 10... BTW

If i am gonna babble on and on, it needs to go one way or the other..
i need to just do it for me OR i need to awaken something in someone.

I am not sure which way it is going to go.
We shall see.