The Family

J- The Husband (a.k.a. The Rock star, Mr. Right-now)
We have been together for 12 years and married for almost 10. He is my love. He is an amazing guitar player. He was in a band when we met and I told everyone when we were dating that he was a rock star. Just after I met him I was telling one of my out of town friends about him and she said “he sounds like Mr. Right-now, not Mr. Right”.…hmmmm how wrong she was. He is funny, calm and quiet. He will be Mr. Mom when I work at night, he will clean the house & cook every meal when I am pregnant (I usually puke almost the entire pregnancy). He gets the kids up and moving every day so I can catch a few extra zzzzz’s. He is generous, a lover of God and my partner.


B is my first born. He is seven. He loves boats and pirates. It’s an obsession, really. It all started over two years ago when we went to see a Titanic exhibit in Branson, Mo. He will watch a history channel special on Titanic instead of Star wars. Almost two yrs. ago at his pre-school graduation when the kids had to say what they wanted to be when they grow up. He said “I want to be a submarine man so I can go to the bottom of the sea to explore Titanic and other sunken ships” *proud mommy moment*. He loves legos and reading. He is funny, sensitive and caring. He is growing too fast.

Hurricane Luke is what we like to call him. He puts everything in his mouth and leaves a path wherever he goes. He is 21 months but from the moment he was born, he was full of it. He didn’t want to sleep, he was smaller and fussier than his brother. We were caught off guard and felt like we didn’t know how to parent but he has melted our hearts. He has a smile that won’t quit, energy that is infectious and dance moves that rival the best of them. He is observant and fun. He is my baby.

Us ( In the 21 months since we had Luke we have only taken a few pics of all four of us- that will have to change!)