Friday, January 27, 2012

Attack !

For so long we never let Brady play with guns, other "violent" toys or watch violent shows.
 We worried that he couldn't understand rules about guns/ swords, etc
 (we dont have any but its one of those weird things you worry about as a mom...that somehow he will get ahold of a gun and shoot himself or someone accidently or get a machete and chop his toes off)

At one point i guess we decided it was ok.
I think it was when he wanted to play pirates and he got some swords..or he wanted to be a police officer and handcuff us then draw his gun.
Whenever it was...not sure but we let him use toy guns, swords.
He is not a violent kid but he is a boy- he likes to play pirates, and chase his dad around with his nerf dart try and "get him"

Soooo on to our little project that we did today...
Brady was given a GIANT nerf gun with velcro on the ends, its loud and fast-
Perfect for a 7 year old.

see how big it is

We have been sneak attacking each other in the house for the last day or so.
Today we made team shirts for the boys.

Super easy project.
All you need is:
old t shirt(s)
fabric markers
velcro strips
  nerf gun (if you have a one with darts w/o velcro, you can add velcro dots to the end)

Cut Velcro strips to size you would like.                   Write name/phrase/bullseye with fabric markers

 Add velcro strips to shirts front and back.               Get ready to rumble!!!

We made them for Brady and Luke (warrior team) and J. (general team), Eventually i'll make one and be on J's team but we ran out of velcro strips.
They aren't super cute but easy and fun.

As far as letting Luke use toy guns at a young age...its so difficult not to let him when his big bro wants to play with him. We just have to be sure that he doesn't have a machete at his bedside !!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Embrace the Camera 1

My first ever Embrace the Camera...

Mothers Day 2011.
I actually don't like the picture of me very much (i have lost some lbs.since then and it kind of makes me cringe...)
It doesn't make me cringe because i really care what others think of how i look..
I cringe because i was to the point where i felt uncomfortable in my own skin.
Sluggish, tired, blah. 
welllll i AM tired all of the time anyway..hey, im a night allowed to be.
Anyway.. i love how my littles are snuggled in close for the picture.

That is more important, that moment in time when all seems right with the world...
because your babies are nestled in your arms.

by the way...J. HATES  big sunglasses so i always wear the biggest ones i can find.
those i got at good ole' walmart for $5.

Embrace the Camera with your littles today!



grief, sadness, thoughts churning..
I have a heavy heart tonight, thinking of a friend going through something difficult and getting ready to have it placed in front of her once again tomorrow.
(in fact i have a few friends that have had extremely difficult times recently)

I am a nurse, i want to make it all better, i can't.

i have had many, many prayers for these friends recently.
i know God is listening, i know this is part of His plan..
BUT i am sitll wrapped in sadness and sometimes questioning..why?
honestly, it has hit me hard these last few months...
tonight i sit with my thoughts and prayers.

 i can maybe be a comfort to these friends with words, prayers, lending an ear...

i want to make it all better, i can't.

Have you ever had your heart hurt, i mean really hurt for someone?
Have you felt stripped of control because you want to help and you can't?

God may reveal in ways we don't want, like or in a way we would never ask...

"Rejoice in the lord always; again i will say, Rejoice.
Let your reasonableness be known to everyone.
The Lord is at hand;do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer
and supplication with thanksgivng let your requests be made known to God.
And the peace of God, wich surpasses all understanding,
 will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jeasus."
Philippians 4: 4-7

i want to make it all better, i can't.

Gullah Church in the lowcountry of South Carolina 2007

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


ever have those moments where you feel like you've failed ?
Nothing major...just UGH...that stank of failure looming
 was all geared up this afternoon to be supermom, wife, etc, etc, etc
AND today was not the day.
i just couldn't pull it off (most days i can't but really WHO can?)

I DID accomplish some things that i wanted to..
organized & cleaned old toys, baby clothes, even washed the infant car seat covers and put it all away nicely with a label-OCD moment- Just in case we have another baby sometime....
played with hurricaine luke,
made 4 mini loaves of banana bread (so J. can feed the littles an easy breakfast and i can sleep longer)
made homeade french vanilla coffee creamer
 (via pinterest- like i said when i started this blog....most ideas are not my own...i steal them.YUM.

french van. creamer

mini banana bread loaf


Failure moment
I ruined dinner.
Cheddar Bay Biscuits (like red lobster-YUM again)
Peas (not exciting and i didn't want a labor intensive vegatable dish. im trying to get more veggies into the kids)
Baked Swai Fish (FUN FACT- its a white fleshed fish, with a mild sweet flavor.. native to veitnam and some other places)
Never cooked Swai before, we usually have tilapia, EVERY WEEK!
was trying something new..

didn't work.
didn't set the timer- never really do and this annoys J.
 didn't cook it long enough
 tried to put it back in the oven, didn't work

Kids hungry= microwaved turkey meatballs and slightly burned cheddar bay biscuits, nobody really wanted peas anyway.


I know it's not a big deal and im really not heart broken about it.
Just stinks.
 Many times i enjoy cooking for the fam but a lot of times it's stressful....
we are all picky in this famiy so just the planning is difficult, the littles are hungry, i get distracted (ADD, ADD,ADD) , I feel rushed AND i miss out on time with them-occasionally they help me but  thats not always realistic.

I was going to take a picture but the garbage disposal ate the Baked Swai.

Monday, January 23, 2012


This weekend was a busy one...
Pinewood Derby (by the way, B. got 10th place & had SO much fun)
cleaning, church, sifted through some family drama
hanging with the littles and J.
lunch with "the girls" , was supposed to work tonight
(but got cancelled/on call for the night...still could get called in).

In the midst of life and the "busy-ness"
of the weekend a few things happened...

1. Saturday night J & i got out some old videos of Brady to see himself when he was lukes age...
after the kids went to bed we watched videos of us "before"
Before kids
Before gray hairs
Before the extra pounds
Before the wrinkles
Before the busy-ness and crazy-ness of life took ahold-

2. At lunch with the girls today we talked about gray hair, under-eye wrinkle cream,
vertigo, baseline mammograms, broken dishwashers and kids (since when do we talk like that)

Do you know what that means ?
1+2= getting old

you see- this year a lot is going to happen...

This year is my 10 year wedding anniversary

This year I turn 21  35 years old.

These things are fairly big things in life and near the end of 2011, i could feel these events "coming on"...
I started to feel restless, crabby and a bit blue
 (i also swear that i have S.A.D. seasonal affective disorder- i get a bit blue in the winter anyway).
I felt like i needed to explore, do things, accomplish things, dig back into myself, nurture some relationships and let some go...making sure that i can or that i am living the life i intended to.

In this year of big events...
Instead of feeling old I want this year to be filled with purpose.
I want to nurture relationships that are healthy and let go of ones that are toxic
 I want to spend time finding me (as a 35 year old mom, wife, friend, christian)  I want to dig in more spiritually,

I want to laugh with my kids more, kiss my husband more.
I want to accomplish what I thought I couldn't.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Derby

Today is the Pinewood Derby.
Thursday was the Pack meeting where the scouts voted on each others cars..
They voted for best in show.
B. didnt's ok
J and i are hoping he wins in the category "car least touched by dads hands"

He still could win in the speed category...
we'll see...
It's very competitive...
some people (adults) get a little crazed when it comes to things like this.

Why? What is that teaching..

Don't miss the boat (reposted)

so I accidently deleted this post that i posted a few days ago- UGH
shouldve been sleeping but I am re-posting (to the best of my ability b/c its a memory from Brady that i want to remember)

                                           J sent me this text the other night at work....

-Brady just told me that his teacher asked how the Grand Canyon was formed.
He raised his hand and said "Noah's Flood"-

This makes me smile.
This makes J and I happy.

Brady is in first grade. He goes to public school.

i am amazed at the seven year old mind, so inquistive, curious and digging for answers..

For Christmas Brady asked for a new bible.
Its fancy with his name engraved on it.

We have been working hard to have more family bible studies.
BUT sometimes with my job it is difficult.
                                    With the beginning of a new year we decided to start fresh.
            We asked B what book he wanted to start with. He chose Genesis, he wanted to start
                                                 at  (in the) beginning...of course.

   We have been discussing with Brady about how sometimes he might hear something different  
                           than what he was taught from us, from sunday school, from the bible...

                                                   But is he listening...when we teach, we guide
  we all want our kids to listen to what we are teaching them, to share, to play nice in the sandbox.

                                                                  i want my boys to share
                                                                            to pray
                                                                                 to follow Him

bible study-not a good photo, i was trying to be sneaky and still listen at the same time.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I took some photos for an old friend today, her prego belly
(after having a fabulous lunch with her and another old friend)
Here are a few of them

I dont claim to be a photographer...
in fact i am sure i have lighting, position and all sorts of things wrong...
but i love a pregnant belly.
(had a busy weekend but i have nothing more to say)

just in awe of the wonder of God creating life...

Friday, January 13, 2012

3 in a row

3 in a row
busy days at work.
 I welcome a few days off before I go back for 3 more.
Sometimes my job is so great for my family (gone only 3 nights a week and only at night)  but sometimes it is so not great.
Nursing is crazy (just like police officers,docs, firefighters, EMT,etc).
We can be creatures of the night. When you are asleep- we are at work,
when you are waking for the day, we are arriving at work saving a life, bringing a life into the world,
helping someone cope with loss of life....
It is a constant mental and physical battle...sometimes on our feet the entire shift...hardly
a meal, no time to pee and you have to think, be quick, critical thinking, good judgement and a smile on our face for family and visitors.

Image Detail

I fear that my family doesn't always get that kind of devotion, dedication.
Many times when I get home... I am spent, sometimes it's like there is nothing left...
AND they deserve the more.
Sure, I can "buck up" and deal with lack of sleep, plop on the floor for legos and kisses or listen
to J tell me something the kids did the night before but am I fully present ? am I there for them the way I focus on a mamma and her baby when I am coaching her to push or telling her that although she imagined a beautiful, natural delivery- her baby won't tolerate labor any longer and we are headed to the O.R. for a c section?

I think the answer most of the time is NO....and that makes me a bit ashamed.
Of course I want to provide the best care for my patients...I took an oath, I worked hard for that license and I truly believe that God put me into nursing for a reason BUT
my babies and my J . They are home, my comfort and safe place to fall after the exhaustion and adrenline of the shift....they are my past and my future.
I feel like I need to work a bit harder to nourish that, to be a better wife and momma.
Instead of feeling pulled and overwhelmed, instead of thinking that so much is falling on me and Im so tired (i wonder how many times a week i say that?...thats my next tally how much i say it)

I am just going to try to "be there".
Be fully present in the moment at matter how tired I am.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I had different plans for my post today...
I was going to post pics and a little ditty about yesterday- busy day with my little hurricaine luke
I guess I could've done it last night but I wanted to spend some extra time with J
and watch The Bachleor (i know waste of time but im addicted)
That post isn't happening.
Im on limited time and im really a computer idiot-
was trying a fancy layout and screwed it all up.
AGH- This whole world of blogging is new to me
 (well, me being the blogger-)
Is there a book about blogging for idiots (cliffnotes version?)
Maybe Ill just write in an old fashion diary.
When I was little I had a purple one with a lock (im sure my nosy mom busted into it anyway)
AND it played "My favorite things" when you opened it (ya know..
rain drops on roses, and whiskers on kittens....)
Isn't that the name of the song?

Outta time-
Ive got a dog eating toys...
a hurricaine climbing on the back of the couch...
dinner on the stove...
a seven year old getting ready to get off of the bus...
gotta shower..
gotta go to work (first shift of 3 in a row)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

What did sweet Magnolia eat ?

"Magnolia Pretty Bounds (a.k.a. Maggie)"
yes, pretty is her middle name, Brady named her
Our almost 2 yr old pup stinks!
Here I am enjoying "me" time, kids in bed, J is out
 (actually having a meeting with the guys from the band he played in many moons ago-reunion show coming soon)
Anyhoo.. I have my music on, a night-cap next to me, my comfy slippers and cozy blanket and Im
just relaxing and wasting time on pinterest when it hits me...her farts.
She stinks so bad and all she wants to do is curl up at my feet and she keeps letting em rip!
SIGH all I wanted was a little relaxing time to myself and she ruins it.
I worked all weekend so im wondering what she was fed while I was gone?

Not blaming anybody...just thinking....

Actually I am having a difficult time with Maggie-
She chews everything
You see she is a newer member of our family.

We lost our sweet Josephine O. Bounds (a.k.a Josie or Jo Jo) about
a year and a half ago.
 She was great. She was a mutt. She didnt chew anything (not even a bone, seriously)
and we lost her unexpectedly, quickly to a ruptured stomach tumor.
We weren't ready to get a new dog but Brady was and when your child is ready, so are you.
Maggie- she is pretty, she is sweet but she chews everything, she drives me crazy sometimes.
Im just not too attched to her yet and neither is Brady?!
Not sure if its the chewing or if its just missing Jo Jo.
I can't make tonight the night I spend time bonding with her.
She stinks.
J is time is over.
Maggie loungin...


My favorite Pic of Josie

Josie protecting Brady as a newborn (look at my sweet, tiny baby behind Jo Jo)

Friday, January 6, 2012


So I have a lot on my mind right now.
A lot of friends needing prayer, comfort and support.
It is not stuff I feel like I can blog about today but...
I started thinking about BIG profound thoughts- just thinking about comfort.
What comforts me? A lot of things do- hugs and kisses from my sweet peas,
talking to J after a bad day, music, friends, passages from the bible-
diet coke, coffee, french fries, blankets and the list goes on and on and on..
In the midst of all that is on my mind- i just kept thinking about my slippers.

My new slippers that my little bugs gave me for christmas and I am obsessed with them.
The blingy (is that really a word?) little jewels on top, the frilly fabric around the jewels,
and how they hug my foot when I slip them on (see told you I was obsessed).
In fact, they look a little old already- don't they?
Probably because I've hardly taken them off since I got them.
How can something silly and trivial like a pair of slippers give us comfort...
Is is really just physical comfort making us SIGH and relax so then maybe we can
deal or not deal with what is weighing on us?

I have always been one of those people needing to be comfortable when Im home..
Isn't everybody?
We are ALL that way in our house.
As soon as we get home we put on "our loungers" as we like to call them-
(basically out of work/school clothes and into PJ bottoms and a tshirt- even if it is noon and we have somewhere else to go later)
I just don't feel like I can relax unless I am physically comfortable once I am home.
Is that weird?
At home you eat, sleep, play, and make memories together...
I guess that's why you find comfort at
It's not really about the slippers (or is it?)

playing...brothers....loungers..... comfy flannel sheets

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Job

I wrote a little diddy about my job and how I ended up there under Nurses Notes, check it out.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

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Who am I
I am Kate. I am a child of God. I am a wife to J,”Mr. right-now” a “rock star” for almost 10 yrs. I am a mother to Brady (7) and Luke (21 mos)..more on them later.
I am a nurse. A labor and delivery nurse. I Love my job. I am a bit OCD and a bit ADD all at the same time. I love photography. I am obsessed with my camera and it is always with me, although I really know very little about photography. (more on the camera later too). I’d like to say that I am crafty but most of my ideas I borrow from others. I am a little creative but I really just enjoy the craft store and doing DIY with my kiddos...I am usually not the creator of the projects, just the excecutor. I like to cook when there is no pressure on & no deadline to make (i.e. Luke is whining at my feet saying “eat, eat” “please, please” over and over and over). I really like to bake more than cook. I like to write/ journal but I usually don’t use proper grammar, paragraphs or punctuation…it takes too much thought for me….I make dots…dashes- between thoughts. I love diet coke and coffee loaded with foo foo creamer (hey, I am a night nurse- I need caffeine). I love sleep but never get enough of it and I am super crabby when I wake matter what time it is. Sometimes I care too much what others think but I still never get my hair highlighted before my roots are showing. Sometimes I don’t care enough what others think and I can get a bit loud or bossy. I love to sing and dance but am horrible at both. I love children. I love babies and would have a house full (but I am no spring chicken anymore) I love antiques. I love the country and dream of living in a farm house with a kitchen that has a farmhouse sink with an apron front, subway tiles and butcher block counter tops. Sigh.