Thursday, June 21, 2012


Embracing the Camera with Emily at The Anderson Crew today!

I have talked a few times about what an amazing Father i think J. is to my boys here and here
BUT in honor of Fathers Day i am going to talk a little bit about my dad..

My dad and i when i was a tiny tot.
 Not sure how old i was because my mom is horrible at keeping a record of these types of things.
I am guessing 2 or 3. I wish my legs were still that tiny.

My Dad is... (this kind of reminds me of a list you would make in elementary school!)
Loving and giving- if he had $1 left in his pocket and someone on the street needed it, he would give it to them...he has done this before.

The life of the party- always an entainer and a great storyteller.

A great Paw Paw. The boys adore him. Over the years he has found some great teachable moments with my nephews and my boys and provided great lessons for them.

An artist. He is creative and has an amazing imagination.

A hard worker. He had his own business for most of my childhood and worked very hard to try to provide for us.

Stubborn and set in his ways- more and more each year as he gets older.

Devoted to his family- he had a massive heart attack and underwent a quintuple bypass a few weeks before i had Brady and he was at the hospital sitting in the waiting room (with a catheter still taped to his leg).  He sat there the entire time i was in labor. This is just one example of the things he has done for his family.

Devoted to his wife. He does anything and everything my mom asks for, needs and wants. He still makes her lunch for her to take to work.

He is funny.

He is a history buff. He is a lover of presidental history. Although, we don't see eye to eye on some political issues. He is an amazing historian when it comes to our country and it's presidents.

Book lover. I have NEVER seen anybody with more books.

Detailed and meticulous.

A great cook.

A fighter. He has had had numerous battles with his health since his massive heart attack 7.5 yrs ago and he just keeps on going and pushing himself through.
We are so blessed to have him.

Dad and I- Fathers Day 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pics from lately

Here is what we have been up to...

Zoo train
watching orangutans
Paddle boats-
not sure what kind of pose im striking

look at mommy
tired after pool time

pickle creek with our cousins


playing at the river

sending him down the river
Dog Park

 Maggie gets some attention

Roller skating
Summertime fun!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


so i have had all kinds of reasons for my absence of writing over the few weeks or so.

More time with the kids. Luke only goes to daycare on the days after i work (so i can sleep) so it is anywhere from 1-3 days/week, depending on if it is a weekend and J. will be home to watch the kids or not. I do not feel like he was really happy at the daycare. I don't think he was getting everything he needed. (i was in childcare long ago and i can be picky).
Also, Brady is home for the summer and we think he and his brother need to be together. They are 5 years apart and anything we can do to foster that relationship that brothers have, we will do it.
We have hired a babysitter to watch them on the days i sleep. She is our old neighboor, she is in high school and they love her. It also saves us some dough.
I have questioned our decision a bit. A family member has expressed her concern, that Brady should be at camp with kids his age. Maybe...BUT he can have playdates, and i think that growing the relationship with his brother outweighs the few times he misses his buddies (none of his close friends are going to camp) AND last year he had a heatstroke at camp. Overall, i think it has been a good transition but the summer is young so we shall see....

There has been some family drama  (for lack of a better term) and i have felt a bit pulled in different directions and a lot has been on my mind regarding "THE DRAMA". I just haven't felt like writing.

The Blog
I have been questioning WHY i am writing.
I follow lots of other blogs and it just seems like a world that is still so unknown to me.
 Sponsors, giveaways,buttons, linking up,  followers, etc, etc.
I am basically writing because i want to document what is happening in our lives but to be honest after reading a lot of other blogs and seeing the impact it can make on other women, other mamas....
I wouldn't mind if i what i had to say, was helpful or inspiring to someone else.
Maybe that is selfish?
I also don't want it to take away from my family time AND i can see how it can easliy do that.
SO i have been struggling with really what i want out of it.

Just ME
I have been overly tired from work, not eating as healthy as i was and so ALL of that cheese, root beer floats, chips, BBQ, fresh muddled drinks, pizza and other yummies are making me sluggish.
 I think the treadmill and i need to get reacquainted..blah!

Until next time....