Thursday, January 26, 2012

Embrace the Camera 1

My first ever Embrace the Camera...

Mothers Day 2011.
I actually don't like the picture of me very much (i have lost some lbs.since then and it kind of makes me cringe...)
It doesn't make me cringe because i really care what others think of how i look..
I cringe because i was to the point where i felt uncomfortable in my own skin.
Sluggish, tired, blah. 
welllll i AM tired all of the time anyway..hey, im a night allowed to be.
Anyway.. i love how my littles are snuggled in close for the picture.

That is more important, that moment in time when all seems right with the world...
because your babies are nestled in your arms.

by the way...J. HATES  big sunglasses so i always wear the biggest ones i can find.
those i got at good ole' walmart for $5.

Embrace the Camera with your littles today!



Lisa said...

Great to have you join Embrace the Camera. What cute kids you have! I'm #42 in ETC this week. Have a fun weekend.

Lisa said...

Whoops, I'm #41, not 42.

Janel said...

Glad you got in front of the camera, despite some reservations! Your wee ones will treasure this picture in years to come! Happy Belated Mothers Day! (Stopping by from Embrace the Camera.)