Monday, January 23, 2012


This weekend was a busy one...
Pinewood Derby (by the way, B. got 10th place & had SO much fun)
cleaning, church, sifted through some family drama
hanging with the littles and J.
lunch with "the girls" , was supposed to work tonight
(but got cancelled/on call for the night...still could get called in).

In the midst of life and the "busy-ness"
of the weekend a few things happened...

1. Saturday night J & i got out some old videos of Brady to see himself when he was lukes age...
after the kids went to bed we watched videos of us "before"
Before kids
Before gray hairs
Before the extra pounds
Before the wrinkles
Before the busy-ness and crazy-ness of life took ahold-

2. At lunch with the girls today we talked about gray hair, under-eye wrinkle cream,
vertigo, baseline mammograms, broken dishwashers and kids (since when do we talk like that)

Do you know what that means ?
1+2= getting old

you see- this year a lot is going to happen...

This year is my 10 year wedding anniversary

This year I turn 21  35 years old.

These things are fairly big things in life and near the end of 2011, i could feel these events "coming on"...
I started to feel restless, crabby and a bit blue
 (i also swear that i have S.A.D. seasonal affective disorder- i get a bit blue in the winter anyway).
I felt like i needed to explore, do things, accomplish things, dig back into myself, nurture some relationships and let some go...making sure that i can or that i am living the life i intended to.

In this year of big events...
Instead of feeling old I want this year to be filled with purpose.
I want to nurture relationships that are healthy and let go of ones that are toxic
 I want to spend time finding me (as a 35 year old mom, wife, friend, christian)  I want to dig in more spiritually,

I want to laugh with my kids more, kiss my husband more.
I want to accomplish what I thought I couldn't.