Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I had different plans for my post today...
I was going to post pics and a little ditty about yesterday- busy day with my little hurricaine luke
I guess I could've done it last night but I wanted to spend some extra time with J
and watch The Bachleor (i know waste of time but im addicted)
That post isn't happening.
Im on limited time and im really a computer idiot-
was trying a fancy layout and screwed it all up.
AGH- This whole world of blogging is new to me
 (well, me being the blogger-)
Is there a book about blogging for idiots (cliffnotes version?)
Maybe Ill just write in an old fashion diary.
When I was little I had a purple one with a lock (im sure my nosy mom busted into it anyway)
AND it played "My favorite things" when you opened it (ya know..
rain drops on roses, and whiskers on kittens....)
Isn't that the name of the song?

Outta time-
Ive got a dog eating toys...
a hurricaine climbing on the back of the couch...
dinner on the stove...
a seven year old getting ready to get off of the bus...
gotta shower..
gotta go to work (first shift of 3 in a row)