Monday, February 20, 2012


I haven't posted in a few days...
partly because i worked..
partly because i had a busy weekend with the fam
partly because everything i wanted to post, i ran out of time to post.
partly because something was said to me in reference to one of  my posts and that bothered me.

So..i began to think, why am i doing this?
I was wanting to do this for me, to document my little sweet peas, pics and stage of life that i am currently navigating.
What if i posted something that meant something to someone else-?...gasp-

I have only been doing this for a little over a month and i haven't even made a dent in what i wanted to talk about.

It would be ok (even a little exciting) if i something i said made a difference to someone. (although, all of the sponsors, buttons and blogging community still intimidates me and confuses my ADD filled mind)
It wouldn't be horrible for me to connect with someone else, other mammas and peeps feeling the way that i am about...anything, everything.

Is it strange that although i am writing what i am feeling out in cyberspace for anyone, literally anyone to read but i get a little sensitive, protective of my words? someone is reading my locked diary outloud in elementary school...

I can be outgoing and at times i thought i was fearless, im not.

I am sensitive. I am sensitive to a lot.  I cry easliy.
the truth is
I care what others think.
I kind of don't like feeling exposed.

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Miranda said...

Kate I just love your blog! I can feel your spirit as I read each post. You are such a wonderful person and I'm sure that you will touch many people. You have certainly touched me in the last seveal months! I love you friend!