Monday, February 13, 2012


I am draggin today.
Birthday week is over.
I am tired. I am crabby.
My maternal grandma, nonnie always celebrated her birthday for a week..
She was lunching with the ladies, playing bridge,
out with my grandpa, out with me- it was something
different everyday (especially after my grandpa was gone)

We use to always joke about how she had to have the attention for a week
and my husband and i joke about how i usually have a packed week planned.
I always tell him i can't do the dishes, go to the store, etc because it is "Brithday week"
I usually have something planned with my family (parents, sister, nephews)
something with my girlfriends, something with just J. 
and something with J and the boys.
It does sound like a lot. 
Most of the time the things "planned" are not a big deal.
Im not so sure if it's really the attention that is needed or
that i just want to be surrounded by the ones i love most.

I know nonnie was a social butterfly and liked to enjoy life
My favorite picture of it up.

i tend to be a bit like that...always wanting to be with my peeps, hanging out and enjoying life.

i swear also have S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder)-ive mentioned this in other posts.
 IT IS SNOWING TODAY- i hate it!
i need sunshine, i need outside playtime (not loaded down with boots, gloves, hats, coats-blah)

Sooo after days of fun times with my family, friends, extra time with just J and i
(and the BEST Salmon Dinner ever, new antique mall and spring/summer flea market coming but thats another post)
I am draggin!
 Don't feel like laundry, cleaning or anything.
 I gotsta go waste some time on Pinterest...

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