Saturday, February 11, 2012

A lazy, social media filled world

Just had a thought....(not a giant earth shattering thought)
Social Media laziness.
I am GULITY of zoning out on my phone while looking at emails, facebook, blogs, etc
It occured to me since it was my birthday yesterday that many old friends
who would normally call me on my birthday just "facebooked" me well wishes for the day.
Don't get me wrong, I truly appreciate the wishes but sometimes it feels impersonal.
I got "happy birthdays" from some of my closest friends and the same"happy birthdays" from the kid
 that i grew up two streets away from that i have not seen in over 20 years (literally)
He remembered to "facebook" me a happy birthday because Facebook reminded him to, not because it was on his planner or on his calendar in his phone (why should it be if he hasn't seen me in 20 yrs)
Did some of those "closest" friends only remember because facebook told them so?!

i think social media is making us a bit lazy.
Everyone is looking down at their phones. Ignoring each other, ignoring their kids....
So connected yet so disconnected

I don't even use my calendar on my phone.
I still rely on paper. I have a small planner and a family calendar in the kitchen.

Yes, I will still write letters via snail mail too.

I think all of our social media outlets are great for some things (blogging !)
BUT let's not become so comepletely disconnected from a true human connection.

Call people on their birthday
 send a letter via snail mail
go visit someone in person and share pictures and a laugh.
Facebook, blogging, twitter are great-
use it to your advantage and connect

Tell the people you truly love
that you love them...
not in a fancy font on a computer

but let them hear your voice (on that awesome iphone) or in person.
There is no reason for this pic to be in this post. I just think its funny.
Angry birds masks we made from pinterest.
The boys wore them on New Years Eve.


kelly ogreer said...

Love this post, hope you got my voice mail. Hope to see you soon!

kate@mammasoutofbounds said...

of course i got your message and you are my true little sister and friend in christ, work and life. I love you and i know that you would only communicate with me in meanignful ways. i love u and our time together