Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Having that itch for change,
change in the weather..(always have that itch when its winter)
change in the house,
change in location..
a complete new house...with butcher block counter tops, apron front farmhouse sink,
lots of space for my little peeps to run free with Maggie (the crazy dog)
I want a wrap around porch with a swing....
so i can curl up with my foo foo coffee and a quilt with the sunrise
WAIT...SCREECH...i got carried away..i don't wake up early enough for that.

back to dreaming...

 I want to stroll to the market, walk home from church on Sundays,
let the little peeps decorate their bikes to ride in the 4th of july parade thru town.
I want to know my neighboors-
and borrow lemons from them for my ice tea in the summer
I want a garden
 (that jon takes care of, since i kill every plant ive ever touched)
I want to give those neighboors fresh treats from the garden.

I want life to slow down.
I want to be surrounded by Gods beauty (and possibly a pair of cowgirl boots too)


Ellie Coburn said...

Beautiful pictures! So excited to be following! Can't wait to read more!

Much love from over here:

kate@mammasoutofbounds said...

thanks ellie! i checked out your blog...your so inspiring!