Monday, February 6, 2012

Family Fun Day

Saturday was FFD- Family Fun Day.
We use to have it more often.
 Every third weekend i work Fri and Sat night so then i sleep during the day while J. hangs with the kiddos. A lot of the other weekends J works on Saturdays so...FFD doesn't happen as much
We cleaned the house a bit (i know not fun but necessary)
Went couch shopping (need a new one since Luke had his poo fountain on it when he was sick-seriously)
Ate lunch at a super yummy pizza place.
Went Bowling!!
Now Brady was a bit crabby during bowling when he was losing

and Luke was super hyper running all over the lanes b/c he had no nap (i know, gross..he's on the floor- but this was part of his dance routine)

and nobody bowled a perfect game.............
Luke tried to bowl for the first time and Brady got over the crabby moment.

and i got to have a Family Fun Day.

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