Wednesday, February 15, 2012

14 Reasons (valentine post...a tad late)

1. You don't just laugh, you giggle
2.Bringing me home a D.C (diet coke) when you know we are out and im too tired from work to go get more.
3.You DVR shows for me (even ones i didn't ask you to tape) while im at work
4. You handle the kids (even if i didn't work the night before) every morning
5. When i was preggers with the boys, you made me breakfast, lunch and dinner for 40 weeks so i wouldn't throw up (even though i still barfed daily)
6.You make our boys laugh so hard
7.You make me laugh so hard
8. You always say "just tell me what you need, i'll do it"
9. You look good on stage holding a guitar are blunt, you are practical
11.You pay attention to my stories about my stressful, happy or sad stories at work
12. You always make my birthday, christmas and mothers day so special, like i am the only woman who should be celebrated on those days
13.You've got a mean pants man dance
14. After almost 10 years of marriage, i can still see you look at me with love in your eyes.

1. You love Titanic
2. You are bright
3. You are sensitive
4. You are funny
5. You run to me with open arms when i get home from work in the am
6.You are inqusitive
7.I love playing Legos with you
8. I love it when we do crafts together and you tell me that you love special time with me
9. You are not just a great big brother, you are a great teacher to Luke
10. You love to dance with me
11. You will still cuddle with me
12. You call your comforter "Big Blue" and bring it to ther living room each morning to wrap up in, you don't like to wake up either.
13. Big Blue Eyes
14. You are my first born, you made me a mommy.

1.You say "awww man" and tilt your head to the side
2. You love the trash truck
3. When I come home from work, i can see your little blonde head pop up in the window, i can see your mouth saying "mommy!"
4. You love to dance
5.You can hum a tune to almost any song
6. When Brady gets off of the school bus, it's so exciting to you each it has never happened before.
7. You love books
8. everything you say right now is full of curiosity and really stinkin cute
9. You always say yes or ummm hmm instead of No like most toddlers
10. Energy
11. You stand like your daddy
12. you are not afraid of the vacuum or anything noisy
13. You are afraid of bubbles in the bath
14. You are my baby

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