Thursday, April 26, 2012

Embrace the old photos

Its Thursday
Time to link up with Emily from The Anderson Crew for Embrace the Camera again this week
Like many mommies, i have an obsession with taking pictures (i was like this before i had kids though).
Anyhoo, about a year ago our laptop died (with ALL of my pictures on it..and most of the pics were not backed up on another site, zip drive, etc-DUMB)

To make a LONG story awesome husband got my pics back for me last week
I am embracing some old photos..because i missed my pictures while they were gone.
Jon and I. My BFFS wedding 2007. I think i need to go blonde again.

Brady & I- Easter 2005. My first babes first easter.
He is 5 months in this picture.
Bradys First day of Kindergarten, waiting for the bus...2010
2007, love this pic
Luke & I apple picking Fall 2010- my cute little bug is 5 months there.
He looks a lot like his big bro did at 5 months...
Brady took that picture, a photographer in the making

I love it that i can look at a picture and it takes me back to that moment.


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Brandi said...

Oh, losing photos is my worst nightmare! I'm so glad your story had a happy ending!