Tuesday, April 17, 2012

im sure

today 4/17/2012 these are things that i am sure of-
*i cannot resist bacon, when i make it, i make the entire package and put whatever we don't eat in the fridge to crumble up for salads, etc...it usually doesn't make it to the salad. i open the fridge..i see it.  i eat it.  i cannot resist. (BUT its turkey bacon, that has to count for something)

*we are dirty. today i cleaned the baseboards in my kitchen and bathrooms, we are piggies. i was so grossed out at myself after cleaning today that i took a Silkwood Shower.  (Remember that movie...1983, Meryl Streep worked in some plant- she discovered they were exposing them to neuclear radiation, SHE got exposed to it, they scrubbed her down in the shower with scaldling water to decontaminate her...?) ANYWAY- i had to take a silkwood shower.)
thats meryl streep, not me.

* i cannot always protect my kids, i cannot always fight their battles, no school, no place where they go during they day is going to be perfect. home is not always perfect either....i just want to wrap them around me and do my best to protect them but give them the tools to spread their wings and cope with the real world. WHY is that so hard?.

*i have great friends. seriously, i do. somedays wish i could cuddle with my BFFs all day and talk forever and ever (like we did in high school or when we were little girls)

some of those great friends.

*our 10 yr. anniversary is in less than a month and we are going out of town WITHOUT the kids and i could not be more EXCITED.

* i start too many projects at once and im so ADD that i cannot finish them in a timely fashion or i cannot priortize what needs to be worked on next. UGH

...going to work on a mothers day for mi madre and hermana now...

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