Tuesday, April 3, 2012

busy bee

i feel like i have been M.I.A.
busy, busy with a whole lotta nuttin..

Had a sick little man (finally better after breathing treatments for almost a week and steroids for almost 5 days)
UGH my little hurricaine luke on steroids...AVOID the ROID. He was a maniac!

did a little thrifting, i have big plans for an old wooden tool box i bought and a printers tray!! AND i have a giant thrifting expidition headed my way this weekend! So excited!

Easter Egg hunts

cooking, baking (adorable baby chic cupcakes- that i adapted from a pinterest recipie)

Work (i was off for 10 days b/c B. was on spring break and luke was sick, it was SO great but did i mention before how much i really do love my job?) i love the mammas and the babies. I could just eat those tiny little babies up- BUT i won't b/c then id get fired

spring cleaning of clothing- BORRRRING.

playing outside like crazy

AND working on planning our 10 year anniversary weekend away.

i want to post pics and share more but i am falling alseep.
more later.

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