Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good and Shameful

Today is Good Friday.
 (techinically yesterday since it is after midnight but im still for me it's still Good Friday)

I was reflecting tonight on my week while i was getting easter baskets ready for Sunday ...
It was not a good week.

Work was SUPER busy.
I was SUPER tired and not feeling that great this week.
I didn't get much time with the kids.
House stuff, chores and errands were becoming a mountian in front of me.
J. and i were cranky with one another.
 then this...and then that.

In my reflection, i was thinking about good friday, the day we as christians commerate Christs death on the cross for us AND i realized what a shameful turd ive been this week.

Serioiusly, Christ DIED for us. He was rejected, beaten, spat upon, mocked and all ive cared about was myself.
I know im a sinner.
I know sometimes life gets in the way of my relationship with God.
I know this week (with the exception of prayer i have not given Him the time i should)

I know there will always be days, weeks, moments when i can do better. Im not unrealistic about the roadblocks that are thrown in front of me, of us...
I know for His sacrifice for me, i can let that mountain of things that is growing in front of me go sometimes.
brady painted this a few years ago. love.


Jana said...

Thank you so much for this great reminder. It has been a really hard week at our house too! God Bless, Happy Easter, He is risen.

kate said...

thanks Jana! Sometimes its so difficult to navigate life but if we put Him in front, we can do it. Hope you all had a blessed easter!