Monday, April 23, 2012

Her voice. Her struggle. Her second chance.

i have mentioned in previous posts about seeing loss in pregnancy and how horrible it is.
i cannot get a mommys voice out of my head. a mommy who was told the worst, a mommy who did not get reassurance with hearing her babys heartbeat. a mommy who thought she was going to become a mommy in a different way that night. a mommy who has to go down a path she never imagined.
i can hear her screams, her cries, her pleads.

i also see another mommy who has been down this road before. she can have this baby in her belly for a short while. then it is over. again and again.
this time there is a better chance. this baby snuggles into the womb and begin to grow and grow but her body is telling her that this might not happen. there are signs of extremely early labor. this blessing might not come home here on earth but might go home to heaven.

one more mommy. already a mommy trying again to become a mommy is now blessed with more than one growing in her belly. she, too has a body that is telling her it might not happen. she is told these babies will not make it home. they will not meet their sibling. right now she is getting a second chance. her road is long to that day if they make it to her earthly home.

i always have prayers for the moms and the babies i meet at work. i see many mommies in pain.
 but tonight i pray for these three mommies.

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