Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A little ditty about friendship

i have considered myself very lucky in the way of friendships.
many people have friends from work, from church, from school and friends that they gained from marriage.
i do have those AND some of those friendships are so amazing, nurturing and special to me...
BUT i also have friends that i have had from "back in the day".
Those friends that knew you "when"....

In elementary school you shared clothes and shoes (she wore one of your pink converse hightops and you wore one of her alphabet stamped converse hightops- cause that was cool to share shoes with your BFF)
You had that awesome Best Friends Forever necklace. She wore one half, you wore the other.
You wrote notes and passed them to each class, in the hall.
You went to summer camp together.
You shared a locker with her (and took an entire day planning how you would decorate it)
She knew you when you had bad hair, when she had bad hair.
When you got caught by her parents drinking in high school at a 4th of july party (A.K.A. the friends who knew you or were with you when you made bad decisions),
 These are the friends that you could cuddle up with on the couch, eat an entire pizza with while watching Oprah.
They held you when you cried, heartbroken over him.
 You held her while she was heartbroken over him.
They were your friends when you drove by his house (in a bit of a stalker fashion) just to catch a glimpse of his car.
They were your friends even when they knew he wasnt right for you, they knew you had to find it out for yourself.
They've danced with you, laughed with you, cried with you, puked with you, been afraid with you.
These friends know your family secrets and don't judge you for them. They love you for them and know that sometimes that is why you are the way that you are.
You stood by her at her wedding.
These are the friends when on birthdays and holidays you really don't need to get each other a gift, because your friendship is enough.
They are who you called when you found out you were pregnant and when you held her newborn baby...when you saw her become a mommy, your heart swelled and you loved her baby instantly because it is part of her.
They know you for your goods, your bads and your uglies.
These are the friends that God gifted to you to navigate life with. These are the friends who have been with you from the beginning and will be with you until the end.

I wrote this post awhile ago but just decided to post it.

One of my peeps will turn 35 this week (holla to you LDD).
She had a girls party this past Saturday to celebrate the year we all turn 35.
Fun times. (except for the strep throat i came down with)
Yummy Sangria. Yummy Watermelon Martini
Dancing, eating, laughing

So... yes, i am 35 and i spent the night at my best friends house (thanks to our husbands who understand our need for our best friends). i kind of wish we could spend the night every Sat. night like when we were in high not thinking the husbands would support that though

Here i am at 2am, with tissue shoved up my runny nose, stuffy head, and a scratchy & painful throat.- strep throat...eeeekkk!

I am awake (if you look closley my eyes ARE open) .
I am curled up on my best friends couch, in a blanket...talking until 2am...because that is what friends do....if you're 15...25 or 35.


lauren @ crazy ever after said...

Feel better, Kate!!! Glad you signed up for the blog redesign! I hope you win. :)

kate said...

thanks LO, on the upswing after antibiotics! Hope i win too...thanks for running a great giveaway!