Sunday, March 18, 2012

Technical Difficulites part 2

okay so i am frustrated!!
As stated in previous posts, i am not a computer savy mama!
I switched to a new "dynamic" template and all it has gotten me is annoyed.
The purpose of this blog is for my outlet, my recording of life with my little sweets...
I probably won't be doing giveaways, or contests..just to meet with other mamas that are experiencing the same things as me, women that can help me grow as a christian, as a mom, as a wife.

I DO want the words i say to help someone else grow and SOOOO i am frustrated because when switching to the new template, most of my gadgets didn't transfer.
Why when all that is wrong with the world should i be so frustrated because my" popout player" or my "follow this blog with bloglovin" isn't on my blog anymore.
I tried to re-add them but no luck.
In the end, those things don't matter.
I guess i'll keep working on it....
after church, after the church fellowship bowling afternoon, after work tonight and after work monday night, after everyone is asleep...
ill work on it,

*any tips? email me

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