Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Only 24hrs in a day...

How can i never get everything done that i need to?

Luke's Birthday is right around the corner so i am feeling the pressure to get decorations, gift bags and party shopping finished. (but really, pressure from who? Pressure from myself)

Today i went to a total of 5 stores to get things and only purchased things at one of them (in two of them i had to abandon ship because my sweet, perfect boys were acting like APES and the scene was getting ugly)

My list of what i want to do each day is long...
My list of what i get done each day is short...

Sometimes its my fault
Sometimes i waste time doing nothing. Seriously nothing. Pinterest, facebook, a stupid show.

I always have the best intentions of being super mom and have grand ideas in my head about how many things i am going to accomplish but i have an ADD powered mind and somehow all of those things don't get accomplished
When it comes to an event...a party, a holiday i begin to "Barb-out" (at least that's what J. and i call it)My mom is Barb and she freaks and stresses before any event.
I hated it when i was little.
I swore id never do it.

Today I DID it.
I yelled at the little APES, abandoned ship and we went to play at the nature reserve.

We had a great time...until i lost my cell phone, luke had a meltdown and brady began to get upset because we missed the lesson at the pond and i began to realize just how much i still had to do today.

Didn't finish even half of it.
Maybe tomorrow...another 24hrs to try..

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