Thursday, March 22, 2012

Embracing it

Going to link up to Emily's site for Embrace the Camera again this week. (i can't believe its that time of the week again)

i posted a few pics yesterday from our trip to the Nature Reserve but i jumped into one or two of them so here ya go

 Im really not fond of any of the pics from this day but im so glad to be embracing the camera...
 To remember Luke cautiously trying to walk across the balance beam and Brady trying to help him.
Brady climbing through the log and he kept poking his head out of the hole and cracking up.
Brady excited that there is a wall at the Reserve called a "serpentine wall" and the LEGO ninjago characters that he loves so have serpentine- something -or others.
 My sweet baby Luke (who is going to be 2 in three days- im in denial) waved bye bye to the tiny caterpillar that we watched crawl across the log.

There is NOTHING in the world, my friends that is more precious than the time that God gives us to have these little people in our lives.

Embrace it.
Before you know it, these small moments will be passed.



Jen | Our Happy Family said...

What fun pictures! It is so good to embrace the moment, they're only little once!

kate said...

thanks Jen. I love the ottoman re-do. I am obsessed with yellow right now. God bless.