Thursday, August 2, 2012


August 2nd.
Many years ago this was just another day on the calendar.
 Probably a hot summer day, a day i was trying to soak up the sun at the pool, hang out with friends, run errands or enjoy a vacation but 4 years ago August 2nd changed for me.

It is the day that i lost one of my greatest friends to Breast Cancer.
Today I don't want to think about that. I don't want to think about her long, hard fight.
I want to think about her and all her greatness.

Bonnie. I called her Booper.
I met her our freshman year in college.
She was the kind of woman that lit up a room.
She was the kind of woman with a BIG personality.
She always had an opinion and was never afraid to share it.
She was strong.
She was funny.
She was a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter and friend.
She loved being a mom...and her daughter is SO her...she is SO Bonnie, a firecracker personality.
She had a fierce loyality and love for her friends. She always made time for them and i think because of her i have become a better friend over the years (at least i hope so)
She would dance and sing and didn't care who saw her do it... she she didn't care if she sounded good or looked good.
She had a great laugh.
She was a lover of life and everyone who came in contact with her loved her.
She was one of those people who come along once in a lifetime and every year on August 2 i am reminded how blessed ive been to have had her be part of my life.
1995. The year i met Booper .Freshman yr of college

2002. My Wedding

2008. One of my all time favorite pics of Bonnie.

2008. Her BIG infectious smile.

 *note to self...scan all my pics that were on an old school camera...too many pics to surf through when i want to find something..


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Anonymous said...

Bonnie was so full of life and so determined about life. We all miss her everyday...
Her aunt Mary