Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to School

Brady started back to school yesterday.
2nd grade.
first day of 2nd Grade

I keep seeing posts on Facebook and hearing people say that they are "counting down the days when the kids go back" or " i couldn't wait for them to get on the bus" or "finally school, now i can have time to myself"...

I think im a bit abnormal because I still want him home with me.
Im not knocking those mammas for saying that, i get it...i just don't feel it
Im trying to take a deep breath and enjoy these times more.
The times i have with my boys.
Life is just too short and these boys that God gave me are such a blessing.

He loves being with his friends and enjoys school, he is also a good student
He also enjoys being with his family
I know there will come a day when he won't want to be around us so much
Im sure there will be a summer when I say "im counting down the says when the kids go back"
BUT for now
I wish my BIG 2nd grader was still home with me ...
Hanging with my buddy on vacation in Michigan

The big 2nd grader

or at least they had half day school for 2nd grade.

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