Friday, August 10, 2012

Back in the Saddle again

so i have been pretty absent from my blogging this summer.
i felt like it was taking time away from these guys

 i decided to pretty much halt the writings (not that it matters to many...only a few peeps are followers and i am blogging for myself and to record family moments)
To me it doesn't make much sense to blog about creating family moments but then ignore time with my kiddos or man in the process.
Brady is back to school so I am back in the saddle again . My goal for this fall is to write with more intention and explore more about my journey through my faith and life.

Anywhoo...speaking of family moments..
We went on vacation to Michigan (you can read about my obesessed packing and excitment HERE)
I want to post some pictures about our trip..

on the road...on the way... sunrise

posing after stopping to eat breakfast

working hard at sand castle buliding and ditch digging

the first run to the water

my boys

big hat lady has hit the beach

swings on the beach

not my best side but at least i am with my boys

our favorite beach, Oval the bottom of the picture is my Jar-garita...
i love anything in a mason jar so i was thrilled when i found the recipie for this "jar-garita"

Dune Buggy Ride, at the top of the Dunes

family shot at the top of the Dunes
we love boats

pure michigan

on the way home

There are so many more picture (literally i took hundreds)
Stay Tuned for...
Vacation Family Photo Shoot pics

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