Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sweet Baby Second grader

Tomorrow is B's last day of first grade!
 How does my sweet newborn baby go from this....

and this....

to this...
and this....

I feel the time slipping between my fingers...
The top of that sweet baby boys head is now between my chest and shoulder.
That sweet baby boy has real opinions, ideas and dreams.
That sweet baby boy wants to impress his dad (he use to only want to impress me..sniff, sniff) 
 and likes to have time to himself in his room (when before he never wanted to be away from us)
That sweet baby boy now gets a little embarassed sometimes and is begining to care what others think.
That sweet baby boy is growing. He isn't a baby anymore.
still kiss me goodbye when he gets on the bus
still tell me he loves me
still get excited and waves when he sees us sitting in the crowd at his first grade awards ceremony.

Tomorrow at 1:10 in the afternoon he will be a second grader and not-so-much a baby boy
He will always be my sweet baby boy.


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