Thursday, July 5, 2012

embracing the fourth

linking up with EMILY from The Anderson Crew for embrace the camera

I am still a bit absent from the blogging world right now..
Trying to figure out my place in it.
Spending time with my boys over summer break....
and comtemplating what comes next.

BUT to keep in the spirit of embracing the camera.
I HAD to post two of my most favorite pics of all time
i love this, Brady had the flag in his mouth and when luke saw it,
he had to be just like his big brother. i actually like my instagram version of this better
BUT im not sure how to upload those yet...AGAIN, I am NOT computer savy.

Priceless, i could have edited it...
but the colors...the sweat and suprise deserved an unedited version.
Luke was suprised and thrilled by the fireworks.

Fourth of july is not my favorite holiday but nothing can replace these sweaty (it was 104 degrees people!) , perfect moments i had with my boys watching fireworks and staying up WAY too late

BTW i know i didnt follow the embrace the camera rules but i couldnt resist these pics.


Heidi said...

Oh I love, love, love the first picture! My younger son always wants to do what older brother is doing, it's so cute!!

kate said...

thanks so much...its amazing to see how much a little one will try to do what the older one does. thanks for stopping by!

Kyle said...

thank you for sharing all of your OP baby tricks with me! i have been doing a few of them, but using the pillows for support on my hands and knees has been a life saver! thank you for sharing!

kate said...

Kyle- i am so glad it has helped! Pregnancy is a wonderful gift but can be so difficult and trying. I love mammas, babies BUT pregnancy (for myself) was difficult. for ...Iam a horrible pregnant person. Hang in there. Ill will keep you in my prayers!