Monday, July 9, 2012

A Church issue.

so i have an issue.
Children in church.
The issue is not children asking questions or talking in church. It is not needing to go to the restroom, making noise in church, asking "when is church over"  "im hungry" or the cry of a baby.
It is the disrespect.
We go to a small church. Everyone over the age of 4 is in the sanctuary for the sermon (of course you don't have to take your child to the nursery but most do).
There is no childcare, childrens church or Sunday school during the sermon. IF you are under age 4, you sit and listen.
AND our pastor does not have short sermons. He is a true bible preachin pastor.

I get it... sometimes it is long. We had sunday school before the church service, you are hungry and the pastor has a lot to say.
BUT please control your children. please teach them some respect.
respect for the word.    respect for God.    respect for others in church.
How do we expect our little men to grow into God- loving and serving christians if we do not teach them to listen to the word of God in church.
I grew up in a big church.
It was easy to miss if someone was a little noisy, left early or was restless.
We also had Sunday School during the sermon so we weren't expected to sit in the sanctuary until we were older BUT maybe that is why I never truly understood God's sacrifice for us until I was an adult.

I can see someone getting offended at what i am saying but don't get me wrong,
Its not the children acting like children that i have an issue with....

It is letting your child play a nintendo DS during the sermon or games on your cell phone.

It is letting your child sit on the floor and play with his or her friends during the sermon, during prayer.

It is letting your child run around during the music, yell and dance so nobody can pay attention to the praise and worship band. I know some might think "its only during the music time" but some people really feel connected during the music and use that as a time for refelction and prayer.

I have also seen adults playing on their cell phones, texting,  facebook and needlepointing.

It is very distracting (esp to someone like me with ADD).
It is so frustrating for me because I work every third weekend (and at night) so there are Sundays that i am not there because i am sleeping. I also serve in the Nursery so i miss the sermon for that every few months.

We moved our seats to another location in the sanctuary and if you go to a Baptist church, you know that everyone has their own seat!
I don't think this will solve it but least i got it off my chest!

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