Thursday, July 12, 2012

embracing the kyle

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so i am embracing Kyle today.
Kyle is my nephew. He has somehow grown up, graduated from high school and is heading off to college.
That, my friends, is impossible!

tiny "Ky Ky" as a toddler.

At my 16th birthday party, we found out my 20 yr old brother and his 18 yr old girlfriend were pregnant. It was one of those times where there was lots of emotion and drama and it burns a hole in your memory.

My brother and his girlfriend lived with us once we found out she was pregnant.
I am the baby of the family so having all of this attention on my brother and his girlfriend was....strange and i felt a little left out.
BUT...once kyle arrived...i was in love with that tiny little man..

me (rockin the blue scrunchie) and newborn Kyle circa 1993

It was awesome having him there, i helped care for him, play with him, cuddle him and my brothers girlfriend became like another sister to me.
Kyle was a super special kid. He brought so much joy to our lives.

one of Kyle's bday parties...why am i wearing a giant plaid shirt?
I also cut an ex-boyfriend out of the side of this pic.
a happy baby kyle and Paw Paw

Kyle saying goodbye to me after coming to visit me at College one weekend with my parents.
someone could've at least told me to wax my eyebrows.

As time went on...
They moved out
Got married
had another baby
and got divorced.

I had just moved home from college and i moved in with my brother shortly after his divorce. He went through a depression and i helped him with the kids.
Although, that was a trying time and i was young, those experiences with Kyle and his little bro, i believe have made me a better mom today. I learned a lot during that time.

Over the years, as in all families, there has been drama.
Kyle (and his brother) have been through a lot.
Step parents
step siblings
many moves
some very undesirable circumstances
anxiety, confusion, feelings of inadequacy....
He could've gone down the wrong path.

BUT this kid has grown up into an amazing guy. He stayed out of trouble.
He is so bright, funny, talented and sweet. He is getting ready to embark on the best times in his life.

(remember when you felt like you had the whole world in front of you...)

Kyle Graduation Day May 2012

Ky Ky and I- Graduation Day May 2012.
I look a bit tired in this pic or my makeup is jacked up...somethin is up with me

I have already given Kyle a 3 page letter with life lessons from his Aunt and i am SURE they will be the most profound words he has ever come across!!

Embrace life Kyle! You deserve it !

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Heidi said...

Congratulations Kyle! What a great post. Even though circumstances are not always the best we can make the best of them. I'm sure having an aunt like you was a blessing :)